Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More feminist BS from government

Men staying at home to look after children should be cultural norm, claims minister

How strange. Ms Harman has never once supported the concept of father's rights to see their children once the wife has divorced them, yet suddenly she pipes up about the father's role when it comes to who stays at home to look after the children. This feminist bitch doesn't care a jot about the father-child relationship, all she cares about is whatever will support women's careers. Its all about furthering her feminist ideology. Of course, whilst it would be great for men to have more flexibility in working, and I've nothing against stay-at-home dads, in the REAL WORLD, more often than not, women will shun men who are earning less than them, and be emotionally and sexually turned off by a stay-at-home dad. Not always, but more often than the other way around. So by the government once again interfering in people's lives and pushing this agenda, what they will actually end up doing is breaking down more relationships.

Cutting immigration levels 'will put 9p on income tax,' Labour think tank warns

In other words: continue to accept mass immigration into the UK, eroding our national identity, or pay 10% higher tax. Funny that they never make this argument in relation to women not having more children. Its weird, they are effectively saying: we don't want the native population to reproduce, we want to import more people in order to prop the economy up.

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Anonymous said...

Vote BNP if you want to do something about this. No other political party has the will to save Britian.