Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is man-bashing Oprah Winfrey really a lesbian?

Talk show and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, typically happy to shill her brand of self-help advice to armies of "girlfriends" seeking her Svengali-like influence, has sought to quash rumors that she is an active lesbian

Oprah, pictured with 'close friend' Gayle King


Anonymous said...

I'm calling it right now. Oprah is gay. She's gonna get outed within two years.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

We all know her credibility is going to nose dive once it gets out.
We also all know damn well that the impending drop will be due to the attitudes of women, but the femnags will try to blame it on men anyway.

Anonymous said...

Naw, she not straight up gay so much as swings both ways. It is, afterall, all about what makes you feel good right?

Anonymous said...

Well I have no interest in Oprah and never watch that show other than at the car wash when I could not avoid it. All women will lez if given the chance. It is not something I want to watch. All women like to have a gay boyfriend around. But nothing does it like a real man for a woman. A guy who wont turn into a pu$$y on her. Most women are sluts. In fact when a young girl gets a guy on the hook that's when she starts fing around. Later they will explain this as some kind of victimization by men. What a bunch of BS. All the fat American Women eating bon bons can watch Oprah tell all about her carpet munching experiences. But I wont be watching