Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please say hello?

If you enjoy reading this blog, would you do me a favour? Please just post in the comments of this posting your age, and the country your from.

If you have the time, also post how long you've been reading it for, where you heard about it, how often you come back, and why you like reading it.

Sometimes it feels like I'm speaking out into the dark, with no-one listening, but I know you are out there!

Thanks in advance.


Monad said...

35, Australia.

I originally discovered your blog about 2007. I remember when some bastard stole your old domain name because you let it lapse by a few days.

Not sure where I first heard about you, but you're on of the original manosphere blogs, and back then there weren't so many so word got around quick.

I come back partly for nostalgia and also because it is a nice change to read about men's issues without the angst or Game undertones (though I know they have their place).

Do you use a programme like Statcounter to keep tabs on visitors, pageloads and keywords?

Many thanks and Keep it up Darren.

Darren said...


I use blogger, and I just discovered today that it has an integrated stat-counter now.

Anonymous said...


Mirror Of The Soul is BACK!

....mind = detonated

Ray Manta said...

Hi Darren, I'm from the US, and I've been reading your blog for many years. If you want more traffic and comments, please consider submitting an article or posting to the Spearhead.

Darren said...

Anonymous: Mirror of the soul is not back. I have posting rights there and I wanted to update my site link. Sorry for the confusion.

Ray, thanks. I may do so, although I'm more interested in bringing in new men to the 'movement', perhaps from users of sites which haven't heard of these ideas yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Darren.

Aww man. Hopes were up. Then dashed. Loved his work.

Whatever happened to him? Srs.

Anonymous said...

22 and in New York.

Christian J. said...

Good to see this site up and active. Added your link to my International section as requested. All the best. Don't forget to add a counter..

Anonymous said...

33, Minnesota

Anonymous said...

22, Puerto Rico.

Eman said...

33, Houston, TX USA.

Welcome back, Darren!


Daimyo said...

26 from UK, but made in Poland :)

I think I read about your blog in the Book of the Pook.

I've just started to read you few weeks ago.