Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dating advice: the book of Pook

The 'Game' or Pick-up artist (PUA) movement has been growing in recent years. Basically, if you haven't come across it, its a collection of psychological techniques for pressing women's buttons in order to get them to be attracted to you.

A couple of years ago there was a man who posted on my forum, on other forums (such as a PUA forum called So Suave) and had his own blog called Pook's Mill. His basic message was that the PUA techniques were too simple, and focused on external manipulations, and focusing on others rather than focusing on yourself and your own masculinity. Anyway, many people, including me, greatly enjoyed his posts and found ourselves nodding at many of his theories. Sadly Pook disappeared from the scene, and I often get people emailing me asking if I know what became of him. Sadly I don't, but Pook, if you are out there, do drop me an email or leave a message here!

Someone has collected Pook's posts from So Suave into an ebook (PDF) that you can download for free from here:

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Drew said...

He is truly the Great One