Monday, January 07, 2008

Global power grab

I think its pretty obvious that we are heading into a period in history in which those at the tops of the hierarchies of power in governments and multi-nationals are itching to consolidate their power on a global scale. In other words, they wish to move us towards global governance. You can see this as a conspiracy theory, or you can just see this as a tendency towards something the power elites through history have always thirsted for: empire. Only this time its more serious than ever as their sights are literally on the whole globe, and, theoretically at least, they could employ some pretty nasty technologies to this end.

Theres a lot that could be said about this (particularly how those in power love things like feminism and political correctness as they weaken the family and opposition from ordinary men). However, today I just want to flag up a particular ploy they are using, so y'all can be more aware of it, and not be taken in by it.

Basically, they will increasingly make the following argument:

The global problem of climate change requires global solutions.

And by this, they mean an ever increasing tax burden and consolidation of power into their hands.

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Anonymous said...

"The global problem of climate change requires global solutions."

Darren, The US Air Force beat you to it:

"Global Reach, Global Power, and Global Engagement" - I remember reading that years ago on a US Air Base entrance sign.