Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vanity double standards

He's become a global laughing stock after posing cheesy pictures of himself half-naked on the internet.

One thing women seem to loathe in a man is if he is vain. But take a look at profiles women put up on dating sites, social networking sites etc. You won't have to look far before you find provocative photos, or references to themselves as a 'princess' and similar.


Mirror Of The Soul said...

If arrogance is oft the company of excellence, then vanity is oft the company of confidence. The greater sin is that he tried to look a certain way for a woman, not because of his own desire to improve himself as a person. Women look into the mirror and find everything that is ugly about them. Men look into the mirror and see everything that is beautiful about them. Women misconstrue this for vanity in men. The root cause is nobody can think of themselves more beautiful than a particular woman at a particular time because in doing so you reveal the woman's own hatred of herself before her, and in rage she accuses you of vanity or arrogance. Tough shit, lady, I am beautiful, a work of the gods themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps this vanity in and of itself is a feminine trait. Then it would stand to reason that a woman would find this unattractive in a real man.

I personally suspect men who are obessesd with their looks to be latent homosexuals. That is, unless they are actually out and proud homosexuals. Because honey, we all know that they all (unfortunately) look better than most straight guys.

Also, women see these unattractive traits in themselves because of the airbrushed and anorexic fashion models they see in magazines.