Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alpha female??

Liz Jones: Would I recommend marriage to a younger, and therefore less successful man, a man who at first is dazzled and flattered by your attention? They soon learn to resent you. New men, metrosexual men, men who are in touch with their feelings, who are willing to take a back seat, supporting and nurturing you, don’t exist.

Yet another silly woman who seems to think shes queen of the universe just because shes got a job in journalism - and not even real journalism, these women just use the opportunity to whine about their chaotic lives. Nevertheless, interesting from the point of view of it showing how these 'older career women' relationships with younger men don't tend to work


Unknown said...

‘I can feel her anger, like cold static in the space between us. I could calm her down, and make things better. I could reach out and touch her. I could press my body against hers, wrap her in my arms, kiss her neck and breathe slowly against her skin. It works every time. But I won’t do that. And I know how much it hurts her that I won’t. Knowing this gives me the closest thing I have to happiness.’

aaah, so this is the thing that makes married man a little happy now and then ^^

Davout said...

What's funny is that Dhaliwal had his fun with her and now she's trying to play the victim by blaming everyone except herself for her failure.

I predict her conversion to megaphone toting feminist will occur shortly if it hasn't already happened.

Verlch said...

What women want is a man that will defend them! That will kick some ass and take names later!

This was bound to happen by letting women take our jobs! There would be nobody to marry up to!

Tanya said...

Oh that's silly. I have a younger man and we are doing just fine. Age is the index of a fool.

Anonymous said...

Re. Verlch's post: personally I would be absolutely mortified if my boyfriend "kicked some ass and took names later," I really wouldn't want to be associated with someone who thought violence was an appropriate way of dealing with things.

the sad geek said...

Wise lessons from Mr. Dhaliwal on how to treat a woman. Just be yourself, and don't be intimidated. And never give in to feminism, for it is the road to Hell.