Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sexual harrassment hysteria makes men wary of women in the workplace

A SERIES of high-profile harassment cases has sparked the first signs of “segregation” in the workplace as relationships between the sexes are disrupted by mutual suspicion.

But guess which sex is to 'blame' and which sex will 'suffer' the most and be 'victims' of this?

Yep, you've guessed.

You know, if women decided that they wanted to go around all day smacking dogs on the snout, they would then complain bitterly if one of them got bitten. "Dogs are oppressing us! We're victims!" they would yell. Or if they decided that they wanted to sit down on a pile of flaming coals, and then got a burned behind, they would be screaming "Why didn't a man run to save me! The coals are oppressing me into victim status!"

Women now seem to believe they can behave however they like, and unless men activly shelter them from any unpleasant consequences (and what is considered 'unpleasant' will vary from one woman to another, so you must also be telepathic to please them) then they are being 'victimised'.

So, now women are claiming that there is not only a glass ceiling in the workplace, but glass partitions. Hell, theres so much glass in the workplace these days that its a wonder anyone can walk around. Or, as one man recently commented:

Does anyone notice the resemblence to a mime pretending to be stuck in an imaginary box?

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