Saturday, October 07, 2006

Article round-up

Some interesting articles of late:

100 future forecasts from PC World

If you need a simple way to understand the difference between men and women picture a woman sitting in front of a mirror while a man looks out of a window.

Eternal Bachelor fights back against a feminist attack on men who live in the family home.

Bryan Appleyard: The Guardian (newspaper) wonders why there are still so few woman in politics.

(For American readers, the reference to 'package' is a double-entendre word that is used by public relations experts (and hence now politicians, as they are constantly being briefed by PR gurus and image consultants) for a short TV news report, but which hardly anyone else ever uses. But it also can mean the contents of a man's pants - er, I mean 'underpants' to you Americans. Hence the constant use of the term by politicians, particularly when talking to Interviewer's, sounds kinda weird and perverted).

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