Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christian Bale's alledged domestic violence incident

Last week Christian Bale, who plays Batman in the newly released, highly successful latest Batman film, 'The Dark Knight', was taken into a police station for questioning, following an alleged domestic violence incident. We can't know the full truth behind this, but it seems that he was in a hotel room prior to attending the London premier of the film when his mother and sister got into an argument with him. Its been suggested that they were asking him for money (£100,000, thats $200,000 US) and that when he refused there was a heated argument during which his mother insulted his wife. Its then alleged that he pushed and shoved the mother and sister. For this, they reported him to the police, who took him in for about 4 hours of questioning. More seriously, his name has now been pulled through the mud by the media, and he will forever be tainted with the suggestion that he is violent towards his own family members.

Maybe he is, we can't know. But just imagine for a moment that all he did was push his mother and sister, after they had severely provoked him during an already tense evening. Should this REALLY be a police matter? It seems most likely to me that they reported him to the police out of spite, rather than out of any genuine crime being committed.

Of course, this is just a high profile example of the type of event that happens to many men, every day, all over the Western world. They are deliberately provoked by one of the women in their life, they are wound up to the point where the woman KNOWS they will loose their temper. Some minor physical act, like a push, shove, or slap is made. And the woman can then run to the police and use the taxpayer funded law enforcement agencies as a weapon of spite against the man.

And, in a bizarre twist, Christian Bale already comes from a broken home, and after his father divorced, he married Gloria Steinem, the feminist famous for coining the phrase "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

My God, hasn't this man suffered enough already!?

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