Sunday, October 08, 2006

New add-ons for PSP

Your lonely PSP can have GPS and digital camera soon, but not full keyboard yet

This is so idiotic. One company came up with a fantastic looking little keyboard for the PSP which also folded up to protect the screen, but Sony wouldn't supply them with the necessary technical information to manufacture them. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. With a good little keyboard, the functionality and usefulness of the PSP would increase massively, not least because you could far more easily surf the web and send emails while on the move. The PSP connects to wireless networks (in my experience) far more easily than the Nintendo DS does, but entering any text on it is almost impossible.

This is my main interest in these systems: as a device for accessing webmail when on the move. Something that is still ridiculously awkward. If anyone has any good advice on this subject, or had found a good solution to this, please email me.

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