Saturday, September 30, 2006

Canadian men storm 'Fort Feminism'

This email came in today from an activist contact by the name of Maus. This really does sound like good news and an excellent activism opportunity. Please spread around the link to this post! Canadian men are finally storming fort feminism!


I would not bother you with this except it is a sweet spot of opportunity.

Canada recently elected a Tory government. I did not vote for them, but I think I will next election. They are making good on election promisses at they appointed a closet member of 'REAL women' to be the minister in charge of Status of Women.

In a sudden and unannounced move they have cut off all funding of Status of Women. In Canada that means virtually every cent that is paid into feminism except for corporate donations from the Body Shop and charities like United Way. These of course can be easily undermined.

So that effectively, the head has been cut off of the snake. Feminist unwillingness to listen to MRA's has been instrumentalin this arriving as a total supprise.

Now the snake from the neck down is writhing like crazy. On Thursday I attended a union meeting where a speaker from the Canadian Labour Congress called for a rallying of support for SOW and the gun registry which is being reeled in as well.

I told her off in no uncertain terms before a stunned assembly. I also told her that I was instrumental in getting SOW taken down through internet lobbying.

The problem is the Tories are a minority government and they will need support in order to shout down the clamour that will be coming.

Because of a certain abnoxious rodent raising issues of McCarthyism, the direct link to the minister's e-mail was taken down and tracking cookie functionality was removed from SOW's site. They now do not even know which country traffic is comming from and for incoming flak traffic, the current minister and cabinet would actually find it useful.

I know I will probably be "mobbed" again. ( check out

I have even gone so far as to offer myself as a whistleblower to the Tories.

So here is what I have cooked up.

This is the link that leads to the infamous call to McCarthy list all those who dared to criticize feminism.

(Darren notes: this was a tax-payer funded feminist study from a few years ago which aimed to try to list and attack men's groups)

This is the link for your feedback.....after the way I got in Sheila Copps' face they desided to take out the direct link to the Minister of Heritages' e-mail

Here is how I answered this form

1. Was the report useful to you? .......Very useful

a) Which part of the report did you find most helpful?......

It, with the possible exception of the SCUM manifesto, has been the most outrageous feminist pronouncement in history and has served to unite and mobilize the Men's Rights Activism movement, REAL women, the independent feminist forum, and the second wives club and exposed feminism for the calous mean spirited doctrine that it really is.

2. How did you use the report? As a tool in: Advocacy

3. Are you affiliated with:....OTHER.......I am the meanest rat in the pack that came after SOW

4. Other comments:.....

In order to pretend that you speak for women collectively, you have to go through two little inconveniences, the first inconvenience is that you have to get elected, the second inconvenience is that you have to stay elected. We have indeed been foolish enough to elect some real witches, those who insisted on being witches once in power did not stay elected. You simply cannot post gauleiters of political correctness at the ballot box. If the current Conservative regieme wants to prevent this from re-emerging, they should take a long hard look at post secondary funding to the mutual admiration society that benefited from it and perpetuated one of the worst injustices in Canadian history. By the way, I happen to be a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University and I would rather let a tarantula lay it's eggs in my ear than be compelled to attend "sensitivity training" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Go have some fun and an good parting shot at SOW CANADA.
And please relay this down the network

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