Friday, September 29, 2006

A small sign of female entitlement

I was travelling back from London last night after a long working day which began at 4.20am. I was sitting in a corner of the first class carriage at the back of the train watching 'Where Eagles Dare' on my PSP when the ticket inspector came around. I showed him my ticket and he nodded. He then moved on to a young man sitting a little way opposite me. It turned out that he had an ordinary ticket but wanted to upgrade it to first class. The ticket inspector then made a fairly big fuss about the fact that the man should have upgraded before he got on the train and sat in first class. One sentence would have been enough, but the inspector went on and on about it, I felt quite embarrassed for the guy. The inspector then moved on to a young women in the carriage. In her most girly, pathetic voice she admitted she also didn't have a first class ticket. Well, the reaction from the inspector this time couldn't have been more different. He spoke to her in a kind tone of voice and didn't tell her off as he had done to the young man only seconds before. Once the girl found out how much the upgrade cost she said to the inspector "Oh I don't think I'll bother, I'll go and sit in the ordinary carriage". When I got off the train 25 minutes later she was still sitting in first class.

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