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Support Whistleblower Maus

More from Maus:

On Thursday I attended a union meeting.

A representative of the CLC tried to rally support for SOW, Women and the Law, and the BB gun registry. All of which have been slashed by the new Tory government.

I told her off.

Apparently what I said went over the heads of every woman who attended.

I will no longer tolerate serving people who have such limited scope with their heads.

I am home on leave, apparently some comments I made about "would you miss having your nose rubbed in Marc Lepin's shit? Would that be like a year without Christmas? Woops...did I say Christmas?.... meant of course that Eurocentricly imposed mid winter festival......NO I DID NOT I SAID CHRISTMAS AND I MEANT CHRISTMAS AND YOU CAN TELL THE ENFORCING OFFICERS AT POLITICAL CORRECTIONS CANADA THAT THEY CAN TAZER ME UNTIL THEY SMELL POOP AND DRAG ME IN SCHACKLES BEFORE ROSALIE ABELLA, BUT I WILL NEVER CAVE IN AND KOWTOW TO THIS ABSOLUTE FOOLISHNESS!!!!

I am now deemed a security risk. No I am not kidding.

So I figured in for a penny, in for a pound,

I volunteered myself as a whistleblower to the new Tory government, I have not received a reply. Probably they will deem me to be a loose canon and decline the offer, but here is what I said:

I work for Veteran's Affairs in Head Office in Charlottetown. Next July, God willing and if I live that long, I will have been with the Public Service of Canada 20 years. I would have a minimum of five years to go to be eligible to retire.

The communication that I sent to Stephen Harper at the Conservative Party site was a rather frenetic rant, however it had been my intent to become a whistleblower after my retirement and, from privately owned servers located outside of Canada, publicly pillory the Public Service of Canada and warn people not to seek employment there....particularly young men.

I had heard that the Conservative Party of Canada had promised Father's Rights groups and sane women's groups much needed reform of family law. Frankly I have grown jaded and I thought that was another empty politician's promise.

I have been organizing, lobbying and blogging against Status of Women and women in the law for years now. It all started when SOW commissioned a report that McCarthy listed anyone in Canada who had ever bad mouthed feminism and recommended that they be charged as hate criminals. A support group for divorced men which I belong to was on that blacklist.

I am a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University, when I was there, because I refused to subscribe to insane and absurd assertions of feminists, I was treated like a rapist out on parole. It is a phenomenon called "mobbing". Its dynamics are very much like what happened to Simon in "Lord of the Flies", or to Christ for that matter.


When the MSVU alumnae association asked me for money I threw a tantrum that persuaded them that getting a hostile environment sexual harassment policy that at least pretended to protect men might be a good idea.

Word of that conflict reached the ears of an entirely self appointed "women's committee" which has no lawful mandate whatsoever at the Atlantic Regional Office of Veteran's Affairs where I was working at the time. This committee was called "the witches' coven" by the majority of women who worked at Atlantic Regional who wanted nothing to do with them. They even nominated me to that committee as a form of sending a message that they did not want self appointed political gauleiters in their workplace. I thought the nomination was a joke and I was astounded when they actually did it. To make a long story short, I was "mobbed" there as well.

Some managers who took sympathy on my plight had me transferred to Charlottetown to work on the Y2K project, and later to work on the CSDN. In the CSDN project I really got the chance to flower. I loved the challenges and the camaraderie of certain team members.

Speaking as a taxpayer, most of the people who worked for the company called EDS aught to be horsewhipped. If it were not for the heroic efforts of a handful of local software contractors who refused to go along with making the project chronic rather than complete...well...I won't digress. I learned though that "closers" are not well liked in certain circles.

At the completion of the project, a group of mutineers within VAC fought the implementation of the CSDN. I was offered promotion if I would participate in taking down the CSDN and re-implement our archaic tree eating dinosaur. I refused. The mutineers were all promoted to harmlessness; I have been blacklisted and will never be promoted.

That does not bother me. If promotion means corruption I want no part of it.

For nearly five years now I have kept my head down and tried to stay off the radar, thinking that maybe I will be left alone. In an environment commandeered by feminists, that is simply too much to hope for. Frankly I feel like a Jew in the Warsaw ghetto, watching all of the other Jews in Poland disappear, they call it "employment equity".

On Thursday I attended a union meeting where a delegate was trying to raise support for SOW, women and the law, and the BB gun registry.
I told her off, I told her I was a men's rights activist, and I told her I was instrumental in the lobbying that took down this lamprey attached to our democracy.

I am now at home, feeling like I have already committed suicide. I don't even feel alive, I feel like I am a ghost haunting my own house. I am having the same symptoms of PTSD as so many of VAC's clients who's files I read every day at work.

My stomach feels like I have ingested a hot brick, I have not slept in three nights. I am waiting for a doctors' appointment so I can get some time off. Right now I do not think I could refrain from telling certain people off in a very hurtful way, so I will avoid causing disruption at work.

By the way, if I was not so proud of serving our veterans, there is no way I would have put up with this for so long.

Please sir, tell your colleagues in Ottawa to stick to their unregistered long guns and don't let anyone surgically reattach the head of the feminazi serpent you have so deftly severed. From the neck down that doomed serpent is going to writhe for a while, but no doubt you would have expected that. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I just got word from the union that I have been turfed.

I have an incurable dose of integrity.

For the sake of my grandchildren, and for the sake of my true brothers in this bunker, I proudly bear whatever comes next.

Please hit the SOW website with ammunition for the new minister who has no interest in defending SOW.

I have looked at who the players are in this....opportunity is the willingness to do what others are not will to do. The assistant to the new minister of Veterans' Affairs just happens to be the gal who stood her ground against Sheila Copps when the whole witches of Laval thing happened.

Stay tuned...and please create flack at the SOW site and continue to do so until it is taken down.

This is my body that is broken for you.

Do this in remembrance of me.

If anyone finds a way to feedback and flack Atv and CTV please post it

We have to shut these last throes of the snake up.
I miss the days when sex was a sin rather than a social injustice

I want no outcome from this other than exposure of the truth. If you support me in this, e-mail Stephen Harper and say you are acquainted with the whistleblower called MAUS and as a concerned taxpayer you want him to be heard and taken seriously.

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