Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wikipedia, ants, WW1 and a new IE

There's a frantic race taking place online to become the most "Meta" site, to be the highest level aggregator, subsuming the identity of all other sites.

Jaron Lanier, wondering whether Wikipedia is really so great after all. Incidentally, the guys who are into the MGTOW stuff recently had problems with some people trying to censor their Wikipedia entry. It would seem that its not the zone of free speech that you might assume. I told the MGTOW guys to forget Wikipedia and concentrate on their website ( and place up a banner saying 'As BANNED from Wikipedia!"

Desert ants use an internal "pedometer" to measure exact marching distances, according to a study.

Fascinating stuff. Shame the intellectual pygmy at the LA Times who reported on this story couldn't resist throwing in a completely irrelevant misandric remark into her headline: They Know the Way? Must Not Be Male Ants (might require you to register to read, but I wouldn't bother. Theres no other reference to that headline within the peice. Bizarre really).

Britain’s oldest man, 110, pays tribute to countrymen who fell at the Somme

Microsoft has posted Beta 3 of Internet Explorer on its website. The new version which supersedes the last Beta posted back in April is being touted as stable enough for anyone to download and play with.

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