Sunday, July 02, 2006

Higher earning women

My girlfriend got a new job -- a really good job, actually -- and now she's officially richer than me. Every week, even after The Man comes in and takes his share, she has higher numbers in her paycheck.

Higher earning women are just a liability. If they support the man, then they will tend to resent it and start to feel contempt for him (even if her PC front won't allow her to express this directly), and see the situation as a temporary one while she seeks a male of greater stature than herself. Equally, if she eventually gives up her job to be a homemaker, she then has a nuclear bomb to drop on the husband at any moment she likes as she can claim in a divorce settlement that she gave up her career for him, and would now be earning X amount per year if she hadn't, therefore he now has to pay her that X amount per year indefinitely to make up for it. Why will people never learn?


Davout said...

People will never learn until they themselves pay a price. Men paid a price for feminism first and as bad as this was, it only gets worse for feminist women, who will die out in a couple of generations due to their own selfishness.

Too bad for all GEN X women who are finding out that fish do need bicycles.
Serves them right for trying to have their cake and eat it too.

GEN Y women can consider themselves to have been warned, en masse.

ditchthebitch said...

Yes, yes, yes- that is all true, but everyone everywhere is missing an even more massive problem- women have basically invaded the workplace and have turned it into a joke!!! They LOITER in the workplace- they are very clever at ways of getting out of any actual work... they want to spend the entire day debating HOW to do everything without ever actually doing anything. I've seen it over and over and over- this is why they so desperately want in to management positions, because the second they move up, they become the AWOL Mary Poppins- never really there- come in 2 hours late, leave 2 hours early, take 2 hour lunches, take weeks off at a time, and then when they do manage to 'stop by' the office, they just nit-pick over petty crap, sending out trivial memos, ad nauseum. No wonder so many businesses are 'outsourcing.' We've gotten rid of most of the women in my law firm over the last 6 months- it's like a light finally went off over my bosses head... thank god. Read this from "What Men Are Saying About Women" (blog)...

"The more women involved, the worse it gets.


Don't even get me started. I could probably start a blog with stories from business.

Women run projects are nightmares. Death by concensus. A decision that should take an exec five minutes takes the better part of a week. I have never been on a women led project that finished on schedule. The more women involved the worse it gets. The only exception is if she has a guy she depends on.

"Um sweetcheaks, this is a critical point in the project, we can't move forward without some guidance here." Four more meetings and a decision might (might) be reached. But it won't be a clear directive to move forward. It will more likely be a non-response to meeting minutes. Now we have to guess if our recomendations are being followed. Of course the project plan is shot by this point.

Most male led projects are focused and decisions get made at 70% solutions. I usually don't take detailed meeting minutes with a guy. Just jot down decision points and action items. With women I have to back them into a paper corner just to get anything done. One rule of thumb I use after meeting the project manager is to add 15% to the project cost/time if it is a woman and 2% for each additional woman in the chain of command. Has yet to let me down.

I really like being tasked with proving a negative. It can sort of be done. I wouldn't recommend it at my rate, but hey, sign here. If the client wants a 99.999% solution before moving forward I will do my best.

What is fun is to take a clock meter into a meeting. Program everyone's hourly rate and set that little guy spinning. How many thousands did this little group hug cost? It is not my nickle, but some focus would be nice."