Sunday, June 25, 2006

But the cat has ALL the toys now!

An allegorical story about the state of men in today's society (and why there will be a happy ending):

Once upon a time there was a little boy and a cat. The little boy had a soft toy, and the cat also had a soft toy. One day the little boy walked into a room and saw the cat playing with HIS toy. The boy was upset. He complained to his mother. The mother just said: "Well you play with the cat's toy then." but the boy only became more angry at this suggestion because he didn't want the cat's toy. It had cat spit all over it, he didn't like it, and he wanted HIS toy back. The cat looked at him smugly because the cat knew that she had an advantage over the boy. She now was in possession of HIS toy, and, while she was happy to play with either of the toys, she knew that the boy would ONLY want his toy, therefore she was in a more powerful position, as she could leave her own toy unguarded without fear of him taking it. Once, when all the family were sitting in the living room, the boy tried to take his toy back from the cat. The cat hissed. The adults looked down at the boy and Grandma slapped the little boy's wrist "Don't be cruel to animals." she said to him.

Then, one day the boy's father came into the room, and saw the boy holding the cat-spit-covered toy. Looking miserable. The father snatched the toy from him and gave it to the cat. The boy was now furious: "But now the cat has ALL the toys!" he complained to the father. The father just sat impassively and watched the cat.

After a while the cat stopped playing with the boy's toy and started chewing on her own toy again. At that moment the father started to move a little closer to the cat, but never fast enough for her to flinch. Then he slowly put his hand on the boys toy. But never fast enough for the cat to notice. Finally he snatched the boy's toy back and gave it to the boy. The cat looked up, shocked. And in that moment the father snatched away the cat's toy too. "You've proven that you can't be trusted with the toys." the father said.


Angsty Crayon said...

I don't believe there will be a happy ending.

Davout said...

I too believe that the majority of people out there are good natured but confused. What irritates me, however, is that most people choose to stay confused. The reality is that most don't know anything much about either socialism or feminism.

I like to be as friendly with other people as I can, while making light fun of feminism and socialist policies whenever possible. This way, people are much more receptive to what I have to say.