Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Romance killer

The next time you become infected with the 'romance' bug, please watch this video clip. Its the televisual equivalent of a bucket of cold water over someone who is feeling horny. Like a car-wreck, one can hardly bare to look at the spectacle of a 34 year old Timothy Dalton romancing an 85 year old Mae West. Poor man. The things a young actor must do.



Unknown said...

I thought the blonde was kind of hot.


MAUS said...

When I was in Montreal doing a photo essay on transexuals and transvestites I got to meet the publisist of Mae West's biography the female impersonator Craig Russell.They had lived together as roommates for more than two years. In one of the movies that Mae West appeared in with WC Fields there was a scene where Bill got his marching orders from Mae in a very officious and authoritarian manner. When asked if he was going to take that off a woman Bill Fields replied "Whatever Heee says"....guys.....take a good look at Mae......connect the dots I have just provided and get the picture.