Friday, April 28, 2006

Ms Noe wins through!

Here is a more sensible peice from Ms Noe.

Here is what one commentator said:

As a former academic, I have seen up close and personal what professional women define as “work.”

It’s mostly endless chit-chat committee meetings, cute mini-drama
performances that allow the gals to have their fifteen minutes of fame, with little or no benefit to the school or its clients (i.e. students paying for an education.)

Mostly what women consider useful “work” men consider as “boring gossip.”

I left the Ivory Jungle (increasingly the most feminized places on Earth…) and now work in a steel mill where you can’t find a woman on the shop floor.

They are all answering phones in the air-conditioned management suite.

Sweet deal if you can scam it, right?

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