Friday, April 28, 2006

Feminism's latest sexual apartheid

Hey, did you hear the one about the feminist train that refuses to let any men on board! And, guess what..? They even painted it with pink stripes!

Wheres the punchline? Sadly there isn't one as I'm NOT JOKING. This is happening for real.

Although, two things that the feminist idiots who came up with this idea didn't think of:

1. Women already bemoan the lack of chivilry in modern men not giving up their seat on a train for them (tut tut boy! Don't you know who your superiors are??), but they sure as hell aren't going to find any chivilry in an all-woman carriage! For instance, if any GENUINELY dangerous man enters the train carriage (and he wouldn't be put off by the silly 'no men' rule) and starts to attack the women, there will be no man around to risk himself to help them. And what do a group of women do in a dangerous situation? Risk their lives to save another woman? Nah! They scream. Imagine the behaviour of a group of hens confronted by a fox and you'll get the idea.

2. 'All women' carriages will leave lots of... 'all male' carriages! Hm, what if those nasty men start to talk to eachother, and come up with business ideas, and help eachother. Oh No!! They might co-operate and give eachother advantages! Its....its..... the old boy network!!

Now there's something to give the feminists more sleepless nights about. Although I'm sure a law to stop men talking to eachother will be next.

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