Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dematerialise Part 2

I said in the last post that just getting more money and buying more luxuries does not make people happy.

Of course, up to a certain point money will bring you happiness - or at least relief from unhappiness. For example, once you have enough money to comfortably pay for all the basic neccessities of life. Yet in the West most people can reach this point pretty easily, which is one of the reasons why the increasing wealth of the West has not brought about an increasingly level of happiness.

But there is a way in which more money can make you more content, and it is this:

If you use the money to do something useful to the rest of the world, in such a way that it projects your unique personality out into the world, amongst your fellow men. For example, if you were a real animal lover, and you won the lottery or made a lot of money, then it would bring you more and more contentedness to set up some big animal-rescue sanctuary. Or if you were a car fanatic, you could plough your money into starting a car museum, displaying all the classic cars of the past, or maybe a design centre where people can come and see concept car designs of the future. It doesn't have to be a selfless charity, it can be a business that makes you a profit (some of which you will plough back into the business and make it ever bigger).

In other words: buying toys and luxury items will not bring you long term contentedness, but investing your money into your own personal dream, a way to put your unique mark on the world will.

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