Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do today's women bond through sexist remarks?

As well as this blog/website and my other work activities I run an (unrelated) business online. This puts me in contact with lots (actually thousands) of people around the world. Several times in the last few months women have emailed me in a kind of 'chatty' way and started putting me on their little lists of emails that they send out to their friends... then within a few emails the man-bashing jokes start. I immediately email back and call them on it. They always tend to act amazed that I would be offended by a 'joke' that demeans men (and here I'm not talking about jokes that just play on the differences between men and women, but jokes that essentially claim that men are worthless).

Are today's women really so out-of-touch that they think passing around hateful comments about men is going to enable them to befriend a man? Women keep saying that they are more socially and emotionally intelligent than men, yet, if so, why act in such a rude and ignorant manner?

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