Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Be happy: Dematerialise!

Newsflash: material goods do not make you happy!

Okay, let me clarify that. If you won the lottery, or even if you just found a wad of notes on the floor one day you would get a temporary 'jolt' of pleasure. It might last a few hours if you found £50, or it might last a year if you won the lottery. But eventually you'd be back to the same level of happiness that you started with.

You probably know this to be true, deep down. For example, I'm pretty sure you've had the experience of buying a new car or some new item and that first day you buy it you can't take your eyes of it, its just the best thing ever. Then tomorrow its still nice,, but not so amazing. The next week its still pretty nice, but you are starting to take it for granted a bit. Then within a few weeks you don't give it a second thought, and its nothing special, you just completely take it for granted.

So, material things, in and of themselves do not make you happy.

However, money CAN make you happy. How? That will be the subject of my next post!

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