Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is the Everyday Sexism Project even reliable?

Something called the 'Everyday Sexism Project' has become popular online and been turned into a book. Its a place for women to report examples of sexist comments said to them or sexist actions taken against them. There have been thousands of submissions, and feminists are pointing to it as evidence that women face a daily barrage of sexist abuse.

Yet how do we know how many of these claims are even true? Or how many are exaggerated?

We don't.

A site like this is just a lightning rod for angry feminists. And as we've seen time and time again, they will stretch the truth, lie or do whatever it takes to further their cause. So who is to say that feminist activists aren't flooding onto that site and posting fictional claims?

The project really doesn't feel true to me. In particular, I strongly doubt that (at least here in London and the South East) women are constantly having men shout at them on the street. I NEVER hear this. If it were happening constantly I'm sure I would witness it. 

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