Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Drunk girls attack homeless man

Heres something for the feminists and 'patriarchy' conspiracy theorists to ignore:

Carnage pub crawl who attacked a homeless man

Of course, if a group of men had done this to a woman, it would be called a serious violent sexual assault.

One comment on the Mail's page had me laughing, and I thought was particularly true:

Imagine if a group of drunk men had attacked and torn the clothes off a woman in the streets...

It would be headline BBC news for a month and the subject of endless "analysis" and investigations into "misogyny" on BBC Radio 4. The victim would write a book and it'd be Book of the Week (repeated regularly every 6 months). There would also be an "in-depth" documentary and a Classic Serial in six parts about it all. Then, for years afterwards, she'd be asked for her opinion on the price of plums, whether string is as good as it used to be, whether cats are better than elephants and other endless drivel. Perhaps it's just as well we've been spared, eh?

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