Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Successful businessman on feminism in the workplace

Theo Paphitis (worth over $200 million): "all this feminist stuff: are we seriously saying that 50 per cent of all jobs should go to women? Anyone who thinks that needs to go to bed, sleep on it, and in the morning when they wake up, if they still feel the same, go straight back to bed, because they are clearly barking mad."

Warming to his theme, Paphitis launches into an impassioned description of the high-earning businesswomen running so many of his companies. "They go and get themselves bloody pregnant and I say 'right: for three months before you even give birth, you're going to be useless, your brain will turn to mush.'

They always argue that they'll be working until the day before, have the baby, go down to the river, wash it off, give it to the nanny and be back at work the following day, but sure enough, their brains turn to mush, and then after the birth the maternal instincts kick in, they take three months off, get it out of their system and are back to normal."

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Anonymous said...

He is no fool, is he?

I also like this quote: "The budget deficit is outrageous - for the past 10 years we have had the best economic growth in our history and we owe money - how does that work? We squandered it, that's how."

Yes indeed; and where did we squander it? By constructing, encouraging and feeding a vast underclass of the feckless and idle, providing them with more and more expensive crutches to prop up their unproductive and parasitic lifestyle. And now we've got millions of them, dragging us down like a huge, dead and rotting albatross slung round our necks.

What is interesting from the article is how Theo's quote about pregnant women is chosen as the headline. Yet it is in fact far from the most important thing he has to say. His words about success and life are far more relevant and significant to most people. But because our journalists are so obsessed with women, women, women all the time (and this article is written by a woman!), they latch onto any comment about them and promote that into the headline. The idea of course is to try to con us into leaping to the conclusion that Theo is some kind of unreconstructed male chauvinist dinosaur, whose views should therefore be ignored. In reality he is a smart cookie, spot on with his comments about pregnant women, and with far more of importance to teach us about the real world of business and how it impacts on our lives. A real world where the sexist concerns of privileged princess fantasists should be recognised as the utterly trivial side issue it is.

Paul Parmenter