Monday, May 05, 2008

What 'sex and the city' did for women

What did sex and the city do for women around the world?

I can tell you what it did for them. It encouraged them, probably more than any other show, to view promiscuity and a vacuous, materialistic, singleton lifestyle of using men to be 'cool' and acceptable. It made them buy into the illusion that they could sleep around and live a 'party-girl' lifestyle during their 20s and 30s and still get an alpha male to marry them in their 40s.

Someone added in a great comment at the end:

"I think if some women feel "empowered" by a fictional TV show, they need to have a good look at where they are getting their sustenance for life.

I'm a bloke. The next Indiana Jones film is coming up soon - should I feel "empowered" by that? Nonsense, all of it.

A.N, London, UK"

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Anonymous said...

It also made women buy billions of dollars worth of cat food as they increasingly became left to themselves to suffer as biological failures with only a cat(s) for any recourse of companionship.

It is very strange and disturbing that single women in their 40's I know - that most likely had the "sex and the city" lifestyle - being unable to have children, now call their cats "children".

Some have dogs, but the same effect.

Since "Sex And The City" inception in 1998, cat foods sales have consistently trended an increase by over a billion dollars. There is no illusion that cat food manufactures have made a killing off the "single", "smart", and "successful" woman. Meow. Meow.