Thursday, May 08, 2008

Young man confronts feminist Germaine Greer

He put it to her that "if she were not a 69-year-old woman addressing a group of boys, but a 69-year-old man addressing a group of girls, such talk might have resulted in great umbrage".

Apparently the old bat was left speechless. That must be a first!


Anonymous said...

Priceless!!! Perhaps she should be investigated as a potential child molester and any man would have would have been. Has she had a CRB check recently?

Peregrine John said...

He just made use of what is my favorite tactic in deflating these unthinking asshats: Switch the genders and tell me what you think then!

Fantastic stuff. More power to him! And a hell of a lot less power to Greer. The bigoted old windbag.

Anonymous said...

"However, seasoned Greer watchers will see nothing odd in any of this. In 2003, she published The Beautiful Boy, a lavishly illustrated study of teenaged youths which she said would "advance women's reclamation of their capacity for and right to visual pleasure".

-Anyone else find this part of the article disturbing if not hypocritical?

Fminists always complain about young men ogling (sp?) pictures of naked women and other such pornographic material, yet women can ogle at pictures of naked men without question.

*feminists*- sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, anonymous, but she appeared on TV countless times to promote the boy, each time saying that one of the 'charms' of boys is 'sperm that flows like tap-water'.

And she gets away with saying this kind of stuff just cos shes a woman.

She also appeared in a documentary with a naked teenage boy to promote the book.

Anonymous said...

didn't mean to post anonymously.
Stupid computer won't let me post w/ my blogger name.
My blogger name is Fry.
Sorry 'bout that.