Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The mass media's coverage of the 2008 US election race

To paraphrase a comment I read online earlier, this is the choice that the mass media are presenting to the people:

"I'm voting for Obama because I want change...but I have no idea what exactly that change is. I just like the word!"


"It's time for a woman to be president."

Wow, what a great, intelligent way to pick the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.


Davout said...

If you want to get a quantitative defintion of the term 'identity politics', all you have to do is view the CNN exit polls at their website.

So much for the myth of the 'rational democratic voter'.

Anonymous said...

The US Presidency, like its Western European counterparts, has been reduced to a Title IV program for minorities and women.

No wonder the West thinks Putin over in Russia is a "barbarian" and "strongman" - if it is not a woman leading the West or some other feminized man, then it is obviously wrong for the rest of the world - God, that is such a mindset of a woman - my way or nobody's.

Keep your women in line yesterday, or they will rule you today, and lead to your destruction tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It is Title IX - a typo no doubt, and you are bang-on correct!

Anonymous said...

In Australia we encountered some of the same boneheadedness from the media in the last elections.

People voted against Howard because the media kept harping on about "it's time for a change." They didn't explain what the change would be or how it would be better, magically change is somehow automatically better.

Worst of all people voted for Kevin Rudd (Labor) because the slogan Kevin07 rhymed and when the next one comes along it might be in 2011
so they'll go with Kevin11.

Thanks to Labor winning, our Deputy Prime Minister who is also minister for employment and education. Only problem is she is a very vocal and very feminist nutcase who has screwed boys over in education when she was in a lesser role. Now she has federal control of screwing boys and men over. Nice one Labor voters.

What I particularly love in the US presidential race is the racism against Obama by Clinton supporters. Now we all know how racist Democrat supporters can be, but they usually keep it discreet. For Clinton they've come out publicly guns blazing and N words firing.

It doesn't matter who wins out of those two, one group of Democrat supporters is going to be quite angry.

Anonymous said...

this could almost all be fixed if we simply took away the vote for women. Only women would we fooled by some dumb slogan like "Kevin07".

Not too long ago I did some googling to see if there were any studies on how women's enfranchisement impacted elections. Sure enough, there were surprisingly some out there showing that women were the direct cause for the growth of government and the loss of our freedoms.
Small Government is a PIPE DREAM so long as women are allowed to vote.

mike savell said...

It really doesn't matter which person wins if the democrats are elected(and they are favs to do so).Obama is a bigger feminist than Hillary .Doesn't the fact that Oprah is backing him ring any bells?

Out of the Box said...

If either Clinton or Obama becomes president, America is, without a doubt, screwed. I think one of them will be though, because people are so angry with Bush and he's a republican so they will vote democrat. They keep trying to get the young people in, since public schools are full of liberal female teachers who brainwash children into thinking that the world is all peaceful and yet evil because some people are killing our planet and the polar bears are all dying and they take away your rights. Albeit, fake rights, often. " I can do whatever I want, the constitution says so." Out of a 9 year olds mouth to mom. They encourage young people to vote because they have no idea about reality yet. They don't pay taxes usually, don't have a house payment or apartment rent, utilities, car insurance, car payments, etc to worry about so they think the world is easy and great. They vote on what they have heard from teachers their whole life and just 'cause they should, without examining anything. THey can't see the consequences to their action. What a mess we have created and keep creating. Those with common sense out there, who woke up to reality all are screaming for it stop, for someone to do something to make this madness stop! With CLinton or Obama, it's only going to get worse. I can't decide which is worse yet. The man who won't pledge to America's flag or the women who wants to win just to say a woman won president. Our country's screwed up enough without them making it worse.