Saturday, February 09, 2008

The 'Anonymous' activists

A group of activist hackers called 'Anonymous' have declared war against the church of scientology. Is this group and their activities a good model for the men's movement? Indeed, given that they are almost certainly all men, can we, in a way, consider them as part of the men's movement? Perhaps the psychology of these men is not a million miles away from the psychology of the typical men's rights activist?

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Anonymous said...

The only effective mens movement is the disorganized insurgency like anonymous. We already have that and it continues to grow with every injustice visited upon unsuspecting men.

I know an MRA is born everytime I hear the raging words, HOW CAN THEY DO THAT?

Organized mens movements are created by chivalrist who have good intentions but are in denial of reality. You can't reason with a chivalrist any more than you can a feminist. These groups eventually fall into chaos.

Even if I could, I would not discourage a chivalrist from starting up a public mens movement. They do serve the purpose of keeping feminist distracted from the real MRAs.