Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feminist Rosie Boycott realises her type harmed men, but she doesn't care

Feminism has turned men into second class citizens.

As I've said before: theres a very useful four letter word... and Ms Boycott is full of it!

Ostensibly this appears to be an anti-feminist article, but its not. Its saying that feminism was necessary, but that men have found themselves in a state of 'uselessness' because of it. The old feminist hag is realising the mess that her and her idiotic ilk have created, so she's doing what the public relations people call a bit of 'damage limitation'. Not, however, with the aim of limiting the damage to society. Oh no: the damage to her reputation forever more.

In this latest piece of dumbed-down journalism, she recognises that feminism has f**ked things up, but then she totally diminishes it's effects by just painting them as men having a vague feeling of not having a role anymore. The reality is not that men feel redundant but that we feel CHEATED and SLANDERED. Cheated because we are over-taxed to support feminist policies which harm us, and because we are subject to unfair feminist-inspired legal practices (such as those emanating from the divorce and 'discrimination' industries), and slandered because women are constantly fed lies about how men are abusive to their wives and children, and how we are unfairly paid 20% more than women for the same work.

Never forget that feminist activists like Rosie Boycott were RESPONSIBLE for this mess. And no, we are not going to take the blame for your actions Rosie.

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