Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ron Paul: A revolutionary needed by the whole world, not just America

I urge you to watch this question-and-answer video with Ron Paul filmed at Google. I particularly urge you to watch it if you are American.

This man is a true revolutionary. He wants to actually get rid of income tax! Can you imagine what this man would do to feminism and interfering socialist/politically correct laws? He'd blow the whole thing out of the water! As I watch him speak, I'm shocked to hear a politician say things that actually make coherent sense, are moral, and sound like they are coming from his genuine beliefs, rather than the usual habit of politicians to say whatever they think will get them power. I wish we had someone like him running for Prime Minister over here!


Peregrine John said...

He has his pros and cons. The cons list was mostly a bunch of his nuttier and louder supporters, but certain things from his history came to light yesterday which threaten to sink him for good. He'll need to address that forcefully and quickly.

He's not the only one with radical and intelligent tax ideas, though. The U.S. tax code requires an adjective stronger than "Byzantine", but I'm not sure we have one. The source of all sorts of political chicanery, it needs more than a massive reform, it needs a re-creation. Only a couple candidates currently support the best option yet presented, the Fair Tax. Hopefully more will pay attention soon.

Davout said...

Paul only got 9% in the New Hampshire and 10% in Iowa. I don't think he'll od much better elsewhere.

It seems that the american voter is, on average, swayed by nebulous terms like 'electability' and 'likeability', terms which are bandied around regularly on the news networks when they conduct polls. Ron Paul being diminutive automatically loses points. He also avoids negative campaigning and thus misses out on scoring points.

Peregrine John said...

Indeed. Anyone who votes for someone based on their "electability" needs to have "LEMMING" branded on their forehead.

Davout said...


I'll wager the vast majority of Americans are lemmings then. How else can you explain the fact that most people when quizzed about the nuanced issue stances of the candidates are clueless? Or that they can't discern that no candidate except Ron Paul offers any change from the status quo.

Obama experienced the greatest surge in his popularity due to 'obama girl' who can be seen on youtube.
People are basically voting for Billary because of the first four letters.

Anonymous said...

Most people in the USA are either frightened of "throwing away their vote" or they want to live off their neighbor's paycheck. I would be surprised if Ron Paul gets more than 5% of the vote. What's needed is a new country or a new planet. To get away from humanity.

Anonymous said...

It would be good if Paul was elected. However his candidacy is not so much about being elected as injecting ideas into the campaign and into American political culture. I think this is his intention. It is not the first time he has run. He was not a republican last time. I think getting 10% of the vote is encouraging. It is encouraging that anybody thinks has he does when we live in the age of the sound bit and the politics of personality.

Anonymous said...

2nd place in Nevada
Ron Paul for President!!!!
I'm British and I support Ron Paul!!

As to the other ballots, note there was and still discrepancy between hand counted and machine counted ballots.