Monday, December 10, 2007

Steve Moxon: Ex-government whistleblower to expose feminism

Steve Moxon is the Home Office immigration whistle-blower who exposed the illegal failure to apply immigration rules and was sacked for 'embarassing ministers'. Home Office minister Beverley Hughes had to resign as a result, and Moxon's book The Great Immigration Scandal followed. His forthcoming book The Woman Racket is a fresh look at the disparate worlds of the sexes, based on new insights from evolutionary psychology showing that the supposedly privileged group (men) is in fact the most disadvantaged. His blog debates 'political correctness fascism' and counters journalists' misguided take on immigration and men-women issues.

Theres currently not much on feminism on Moxon's blog, so I can't really evaluate his position. However, given his track record, I think we can be optimistic that he is well placed to attack the government/establishment on their feminist and anti-male behaviour.

UPDATE: I just found THIS online.

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Anonymous said...

Moxon is a friendless little twerp who hates women because he can't have one. He is held in contempt by virtually everyone he comes into contact with. I can't understand why anyone listens to the rantings of this nostril.