Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The rights of man

Blog 'The rights of man' has published a manifesto for men. A list that they would like to see any minister for men (a role which doesn't exist yet, even though we have a minister for women) take up.

What rights would you, as a man, like to enjoy which you currently don't?


Anonymous said...

Some rights I'd like:

1) the right to a blood test, on demand, to confirm my paternity of my child
2) the legal right of refusal to support any child that is not my issue
3) the right to press the (new) charge of false rape/sexual abuse allegation against a liar, with a minimum non-parole exactly matching the current penalty for rape
4) the right to request a randomly-selected jury of my peers to determine primary custody of children in the event of divorce
5) the right to initiate punitive divorce proceedings if I catch my wife cheating on me
5a) the right to immediate punitive divorce and custody of my children if my wife produces a child by another man
6) the right to reliable male contraception. My sperm - MY CHOICE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here's another one: The legal right to use physical force to eject a woman from my place of residence or work, if I am being harassed by her there.

Currently if you're a guy and you're being stalked by a pyscho... there ain't jack you can do about it.