Friday, November 02, 2007

A SUPERB men's issues writer

I highly recommend two pieces by Roger Devlin:

Sexual Utopia in Power


Rotating Polyandry and its Enforcers

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Anonymous said...

I read in its entirety the article on Sexual Utopia. I found the analysis fairly carefully argued and most, if not all, the point I have seen previously discussed elsewhere seemed well covered. But like with so many articles when I begin to read what the author wishes my enthusiasm for the article disappears. The idea of promoting monogamy in order to ‘save civilization’, by which I think he meant western civilization, just repels me. Such a notion reduces an individual to some sexual functionary existing for the purpose propping up western civilization. That is not the way I feel or the way I will act.

So many writers on men’s issues seem to have their own agenda. In this case I think judging from his invocation of God the author might be Christian and again judging from the fact he calls his journal the Occidental Quarterly a fairly WASP centred Christian as well.

If a person is truly anti feminist then the demise of western civilization is to be welcomed as feminism is a product of it, not some abortion - though I know that not what many think.

People who appose feminism on ‘sociological’ grounds are in fact just arguing on the feminist’s home ground since their ideology is entirely sociological. Feminist say what they stand for is good for society those who oppose say the converse. Both are equally convinced. I for one do mot have the messianic powers to say who is right. What I can say with certainty is that feminism is not good for me. I won’t dress my self interest is some noble claim to be doing or saying something for the good of society. That just cow dung.