Friday, November 02, 2007

Husband forgives nymphomaniac cheating wife and hits men instead!

Help! My wife was a doting mother - then she went into a coma and now shes a hypersexual

Three things jumped out at me from that article:

1. Its just accepted that this woman 'can't help herself' in pursuing these sexual urges. But how do we know this? Notice how quickly and easily people are willing to see her more as a victim and not question her own lack of willpower.

2. Is it really such a virtue for her husband to be putting up with this? Notice how eager the people who've left comments are to praise him. People LOVE this kind of thing: wife acting like a wild animal but husband 'sticking with her'.

3. She cheats on him, lies, has sex with all number of strangers, yet when he catches her seducing and then getting steamy with a builder, he runs over and hits the builder! Can you see how this is a typical example of a woman's behaviour resulting NOT in her taking the blame, but at violence directed at another man who is, pretty much, a far more innocent party. Again, the public lap this kind of thing up. They'll laugh their heads off at the innocent man getting hit, and shake their heads in understanding sympathy at the poor ickle innocent victim woman.


Anonymous said...

This is a fascinating story. But something just does not smell right.

Firstly, let's accept that this woman is seriously brain damaged, and therefore in so far as her brain is affected, her resultant behaviour is not her fault. That's reasonable. But I am intrigued by what parts of her brain are damaged, and what parts appear to be functioning normally. Her massive and uncontrollable sex drive is due to the damage. OK, I think I can swallow that. But she can talk about it quite rationally, and knows it is wrong. Therefore the parts of her mind that deal with rational thought and morality are in full working order.

But if she is highly promiscuous while at the same time being well aware that such behaviour is wrong, she must have very weak willpower to allow the sexual desire to overwhelm the moral sense and the knowledge that her actions are hurting her husband and son. So is the part of her brain that controls willpower also damaged? Or is she just an appallingly weak person?

The mystery goes on. Her own lack of willpower does not stop her taking the moral high ground in criticising the lack of willpower in others (other men to be precise):

"There's only the odd bloke who has turned me down," she says, sounding a little surprised.

"It kind of makes you realise that any man will go for it if it's on a plate. What all this has taught me is that men are quite shallow."

Not half as shallow as you, my dear, because you are the one putting it out there on a plate; but perhaps you have not noticed. Or is that another part of your brain that doesn't work properly?

She has also learned a lesson that men are shallow, and retained that lesson well; but other things she forgets in an instant. So selective memory loss also enters this confused picture.

All in all, it seems the parts of her brain that should stop her hurting those who love her are simply not working; but the parts that allow her to indulge her desires and obtain pleasure for herself without censure, and to palm responsibility off onto others, are in pristine working order.

Amazing what startling forms brain damage can take, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The Pussy Pass will forever be played so long as there are men who'll accept it. Sadly, such men (manginas) still outnumber us.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

If this had been a man turning into a nymphomaniac he would have been bashed down.

Women can do no wrong, men can do not right.

She'll end up getting AIDS then crying its not her fault, its the big bad men.

Bah, this is why I won't marry.
This damn society teach's girls they are never accountable for there actions. It shows.