Saturday, April 14, 2007

Men more likely to produce good writing

Controversial though it may sound, men write better books than women, at least according to the staff of Britain's biggest book chain, Waterstone's.

What amused me about this piece was that I would say Waterstone's book shop staff are, if anything, more likely to be 'liberal' types, who would probably say they support feminism. If you asked them outright: Do men or women make better authors? They would probably have said there is no difference, or that women are slightly better because they are better communicators. But when you ask them what their favourite books are, the real truth comes out.

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Anonymous said...

We definitely prefer male writers in our home.We find them to be more humorous and able to write from a neutral perspective that will appeal to a broader readership,rather than the more boring female character-only content we find in female-authored books.