Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter break

Currently I'm on a bit of an extended easter break from updating the site. This is not due to me being lazy, but rather because I have a lot on my plate at the moment (with work and personal life) and I'm currently in the rather awkward process of changing over to a new desktop computer and changing over to Office 2007 and Windows Vista (which has knocked out my sound card).

Office 2007 is fairly okay, although I wouldn't say I couldn't live without it. A couple of the new features are good in Word (such as the automatic word count), and theres an improved selection of graph types you can use in Excel. I'm also rather taken with Onenote, which is a sort of digital notebook that is great for storing and categorizing loads of bits and peices of info.

I'm not that impressed with Vista yet. It just seems like a slightly prettier daughter of Windows XP. However, I have yet to delve that deeply into it, so more benefits may surface over time.

(oh, and also I bought myself one of those Nintendo Wiis for my birthday. They are such good fun, particularly the Tennis and Boxing games you get on Wii sports. I highly recommend it!)

More soon.

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