Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feminists don't give you the full truth on porn

Some feminists are pro-porn, some are violently anti-porn. About the only thing that tells you is that feminism is incoherent and basically stands for nothing except a woman's right to do whatever she wants and to condemn or praise things randomly and expecting the taxpayer to ask "how high?" whenever she shouts "Jump!"

The thing that annoys me with the anti-porn fembots is the way that they use such violent and hateful language to attack men who look at porn images of women, yet they stay silent on the subject of photos of men and teenage boys in gay porn, or on the subject of femdom porn.

I wanted to find some way to get an over-view measurement of what is popular in the world of online porn. I found a site called 'Clips4Sale', which claims to be "The number one downloadable clip site on the net", featuring over 100,000 downloadable clips. This is where the real consumption of porn is going on these days, not some little seedy shop selling DVDs, which made such a soft-target for the harassment feminists in my previous post. Looking through the site there are a bewildering array of different genres and fetishes. Including some as strange as just videos of women's feet on car pedals. Not even naked feet, feet with shoes on.

If we take Clips4Sale's claim of popularity to be true, then it gives a very interesting picture of what genres of porn are most popular online. They maintain a list of their 50 top stores - and it seems that by this they mean their most popular stores. Around 40 of these top 50 are some variation of female domination, including sites where the man is being hurt, worshipping the woman's feet, being tied up and controlled by a woman (sometimes with the guy being naked while the woman is clothed), naked men having their genetalia kicked or trampled, and so on.

Only 1 of these sites featured the domination running in the other way. It was a site featuring women tied up by men. And was actually pretty tame.

If this site is any measure of porn popularity online then around 80% of the video porn consumed online is some form of femdom or features the man in the weaker position sexually, either being forced to worship the woman or being sexually degraded/humiliated.

Isn't this radically different from the picture that feminists paint of porn?

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