Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feminist harassment activism

Following the website that encouraged women to post photos of men who they claim had harrassed them on the street (by, for example, whistling at them; and of course, remember that there was no need for PROOF that these men had harassed them, making the website a magnet for deranged and vindictive women who want to hurt some man), there now appears to be a little trend of feminist bloggers reveling in using harrassment of men as their brand of activism.

One site is posting photos of men who happened to walk into porno DVD shops, while another talks about how they post stickers - including inside a men's public toilet - which declare 'Dead men don't rape'. Charming.

If anyone with some legal knowledge can tell me the legal position of these women for posting photos of men without their permission, in a harrassing manner, I would be interested to hear from you.

Remember guys: Porn designed for straight men is evil, and all straight men who use it are therefore women haters. But porn for gay men is okay. And porn for women is to be celebrated as a form of liberation.

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