Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More girls at university

Job prospects fear as boys shun university

Around 6 in 10 new graduates are now female.

Of course, as I've said countless times, a society in which more men than women are educated and work is more stable than the reverse. This is due to two main factors:

1. Women virtually always want to partner up with a man of greater stature than themselves, meaning if you have a society where the women earn more than the men you will not have a stable base of couples forming marriages.

2. If women don't have a 'career' they are often looked after financially by the husband in exchange for raising his children and looking after the house. But if men don't have any work, its rare for a women to be eager about supporting them. So, in a very simplified summary: out of work women become mothers and home-makers, out of work men become drifters, outside of society and potential troublemakers.

These are the two main reasons why this is a problem. There are others, such as the fact that training loads of women for important professions like medicine and dentistry leaves you with a shortage because so many women 'retire' after about 5-10 years of working.

The only good thing about this is that women can start to take on more of the tax burden. Tax em harder I say! Tax em so hard they don't know what hit em! Tax em day and night! And then tax em some more! RAISE THE TAXES!!!

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