Saturday, September 23, 2006

More dubious research: Lesbians more likely to orgasm

Women having lesbian sex are more likely to reach orgasm than those embarking on straight sex, according to a survey published today.

First: How did they obtain their sample? It seems like it was self-selected, meaning that the people who answered the questions volunteered to do so. This means its not representative of the population at large.

Secondly: How did they ask the questions? We don't know, but we can assume that they were worded in such a way as to guarentee the result that the researchers wanted. Thats how research funded to obtain publicity for companies works.

Lastly: Its highly possible that women who have sex with other women have higher sex drives or less inhibitions around sex, so it wouldn't be surprising if they had more orgasms.

Headlines that would be more accurate, but that we won't see:

Lesbian households more violent

Straight women more likely to have children!

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