Friday, June 16, 2006

More money for career women mothers

"...women's perception that their careers suffer when they have babies earlier in life is true. The Institute of Public Policy Research reported recently that women who became mothers at 24 missed out on £564,000 in their lifetime, compared with the £165,000 that a 28- old mother lost. It has called for the Government to promote family-friendly employment policies and lessen the pay gap."

Yet more questionable logic being used to lobby for women to have easier working conditions than men and for the taxpayer to cough up to pay career women to pop out babies. Lets take that statement above. Now, just because - on average - the women who are having babies at 24 earn less over their lifetime than those who have them at 28 - doesn't prove a thing. It could well be that there is a tendency for the women who have babies four years younger to be less career obsessed, and less ambitious. Therefore OF COURSE they will earn less over their lifetime.

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