Friday, June 16, 2006

More criticism of 'father's rights'

"Yet there has always been a paradox in fathers' rights rhetoric. On the one hand, they've often complained that fathers get done down in the family law process thanks to an unlikely alliance between fuddy-duddy judges who think Mum always knows best and "the feminists" in the system who make assessments on their behalf.

Yet their argument that this should not be so depends on their insisting that fathers can nurture just as mothers do; in other words, that the sexes aren't innately all that different. And this is a feminist argument too."

More confused thinking.

Just because men are able to nuture their own children does not mean that there are not statistically significant differences between the sexes. And, in fact, feminists DON'T tend to argue that men are good at nuturing children, and they DON'T tend to support the idea that father's should have the natural right to raise their own children.

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