Friday, June 16, 2006

Are we betraying our sons

The Daily Mail asks: Are we betraying our sons?

While I am pleased that the media are gradually exposing the bias against boys in schools, I think the problems are a lot harder than most people assume. While recruiting more male teachers, de-feminising the classroom, re-introducing competition and so on would all be good, they will not solve the problem 100%.

This is because there are other factors that conspire to de-motivate boys. Particularly the number of boys who grow up in single mother households, and the fact that boys see how anti-male the culture is, how their dad's, uncles, older brothers etc are losing their assets when relationships break up, and how women are coming to dominate professions. Add into the mix the fact that society no longer seems to particularly value anything - therefore nothing is really worth striving for, and excellence becomes meaningless - and you have a generation of boys that is almost impossible to motivate.

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