Monday, May 22, 2006

Price Inflation Among the Princesses

For a country without a monarchy, America does seem to posess an amazing number of Princesses. We also have a lot of Princesses here in the UK - millions actually - but, hey, at least we have a monarchy. Its amazing how blatent these girls are getting with their princess attitudes. Its quite shameless really. Theres not even any subtlety anymore.

The analogy here, of course, is a business one. No trader in history has ever charged the TRUE cost of the goods they sell. There has to be a profit margin. The best goods to sell are those with an ambiguous or unquantifiable value in the mind of the buyer as this opens up the potential for the trader to hike the price up way beyond what it cost him to acquire the goods. Various psychological techniques are then used to support this value. In other words: Salesmanship.

But good Salesmanship has to be either charming or sincere (or ideally both) in order to be convincing. Picture the smooth salesman in the jewelry shop, pointing out to you the exquisite design features of a luxury watch, or a salesman sincerely enthusing about the features of an expensive car you are looking to buy.

But sometimes the ruse is pushed too far. Today's women are doing this. They offer men hardly anything other than their pushy, aggressive entitlement personalities, yet they push their asking price up insanely high. Even the most plain or ugly looking women now seem to think they deserve a tall, dark, rich hunk. Rather than the charming/sincere salesman they are more akin to a loud-mouthed market trader trying to push their goods to an increasingly un-interested public at twice the selling price. As the crowds in the market walk past the women are shouting "Look at MEEE! I'm sooo gorgeous. I'm a princess don't you know?" The crowds walk away. "Yes, I'm a princess, and I'm holding out for an 7 foot millionaire who knows how to treat a lady.... but also is NOT a CHAUVANIST and beleives in equality. Yes, equality but treat me as a lady princess. I like that." The crowds leave. "Where are you GOING?" she cries, "I'm a princess don't you know?!"

Somewhere in the distance a dog barks....

A tumbleweed drifts past....

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