Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Greetings cards for ladettes

I was in WH Smith's this morning (that's a magazine/book/stationary shop for you Americans) and I saw the most bizarre greetings card. I know that shops have been getting more and more risque lately what with selling vibrators in high street chemists and Playboy logo products for young girls, but this one really puzzled me. It had a cartoon image on the front of a man in his underwear, and the card said: 'For my sister: 10 reasons why vodka is better than willies' (willies being slang for d*cks - for those who didn't know).

There's something almost incestuous about it. I guess sexual and social morals have broken down so far now that even brothers are teasing their sisters about it. But I could never imagine buying such a card. Could any of you?


darkbhudda said...

Maybe it's marketed for girls to give to their sisters?

Also, since girls like to go around pretending to be each other's sister even non sisters would buy it for their "sister".

Still crap though.

Darren Blacksmith said...

Yes, that could be true about it being for one girl sister to another. I don't know why I didn't think of that?! However, I don't think its meant for friend-to-friend, as the word 'sister' is not that commonly used for 'friend' here in the UK, and I'm pretty sure they would have put 'for my best friend' or something like that instead.