Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are 'toy boys' really that popular?

I've already revealed in my article 'The Oedipussy Complex' the idea that older woman/younger male relationships are becomming the norm is largely an invention of the media.

Lets do a quick and dirty experiment to investigate this idea. More I'm affraid! I'll go over to the Internet dating site right now and see what ages of men the women who are online in my area are looking for....

Okay, I'm back.

There are only four women from my area online at the moment (well it IS Sunday morning), but their profiles are revealing.

Woman 1 is 27 years old, and is seeking men between 27 and 38. In other words she is NOT seeking men younger than herself, but is seeking men up to 11 years older than she is.

Woman 2 is also 27, and she is seeking men between 28 and 40. So a similar picture with her, she is not looking for younger men, but is looking for men up to 13 years older.

Woman 3 is 29, and she is seeking men between 28 and 37. So shes willing to consider men only 1 year younger, but up to 8 years older. (incidentally, this woman is from the 'liberal' city that I mentioned a few posts back).

Lastly, woman 4 is 27 and is seeking men between 27 and 45. Again, no toy-boy seeker here, but willing go for men up to 18 years older!

Sorry female journalists, but its looking like the 'toy boy' trend is all in your heads.

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emarel said...

That may be true for the women in their 20's, but as I am 52, I'm more familiar with the women in their 40's. The typical woman on at age...oh, let's see, about seeking men from about 35-37 to 51-52. I think it is this group of post 40 women who seem to think that they still appeal to men 10 years and more younger than them...Wierd.