Monday, April 17, 2006

Internet Dating

Internet Dating

Whilst Internet dating does offer a useful option for finding people who are intellectually compatible with oneself, it has severe limits in allowing one to judge whether the 'chemistry' of personal attraction is present and it also carries the risk of letting you imagine that the person is something that they are really not. In either case the solution is to look to meet local people and don't leave it too long before you actually meet up.

One thing I dislike about dating websites is that it applies the paradigm of 'internet shopping' to the world of personal relationships: allowing the women to search for the men who meet their criteria for high income, profession, height etc, as though he were a commercial product like a pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, while one instinctively recoils from the formalisation of relationships into some kind of digital algorithm that pairs people up, there is most certainly a need for an easier way for people to meet and join together to make stable families. Currently the dating system is very messy and tends to result in a small minority of socially-aware and extrovert 'bad boys' monopolising the majority of the young women for casual sex.

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