Monday, April 17, 2006

Sexist Drivel in The Economist

Sexist Drivel in 'The Economist'

Check out the graph at the top of the article. It shows that the proportion of women working has been increasing since the 1920s, and the proportion of men working decreasing since then. Therefore the trend of more women entering the workforce had little to do with the efforts of the feminist lobbies, which only really started gaining power in the 1960s and '70s. So next time you hear people claiming that without feminism women wouldn't be allowed to work... you'll know its BS.

Now, the trends in modern education...

The grades that children get in the now feminised school system will have very little correlation how successful and wealthy those children will become through the next 50 years. Asside from the system being full of feminist and politically correct bullshit, its hopelessly out of date.

Preparing for the kind of middle class, routined work done by professions such as accountants, teachers, software programmers, medical technicians, doctors, and legal professionals is not going to be the easy route to economic security that it was during the second half of the 20th Century. Much of this work will be outsourced to countries with much cheaper workforces (and even those jobs which aren't out-sourced will involve Western workers competing with cheaper foreign workers - which will drive down wages). Then, as computer-based technologies continue to grow in power exponentially, many more such jobs will become automised, or at least have a much larger automised component to them.

(Incidentally, her comparison of the USA and Sweden to Italy and Japan is an eroneous one as the higher average birth rate in the USA is probably due to the large immigrant population, and Sweden probably has a higher birth rate due to very lavish state hand-outs to mothers.)

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